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Underage Drinking Program

The Underage Drinking Program* (UDP) was designed as an educational program that focuses on the effects of alcohol and other substances on the developing brain. This is of particular interest to young persons charged with underage drinking/consumption. The course content is specially designed to impact the life choices of young adults as we discuss the decision to use alcohol and/or other substances. Individuals who purchase the program will be given an email which links them to the sessions of the course.

Once started you can take the class at your own pace from the convenience of your own computer. The program allows you to start and stop at any time making the instruction easy to schedule. To begin just click the link below and start when you are ready. After completion you will receive a link to get your certificate that verifies your completion.


The program was recently upgraded and no longer requires Adobe Flash. This should now work on all major browsers and devices.

Important Note:

The online version of this program is not approved by all court systems. Please call us to verify whether the online version is approved by the local court or register for the LIVE program by calling (614) 439-5375.

Click below to register ($50) through Paypal (Paypal account not required)

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