72 Hour Driver Intervention Online Registration

Fees for online registration are processed by PayPal. You will not be charged until you have confirmed your order through PayPal. The current fees are listed on the Fees, Location and Contact info.

Please call (614) 439-5375 to select a date and for any questions.

Prior to registration, please read the DIP Registration Doc (DOCX format) After you have confirmed registration and made payment, please fill out and return the following document prior to starting the program. DIP Pre-registration Doc (DOCX format)

Pay Online for Driver Intervention via Teleconference (Zoom) - $190:

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General Rules and Important Information

This in-person program is held from Thursday 6:00 p.m. through Sunday afternoon. Please bring any court documentation to the program that identifies your case number. Also you may want to bring your attorney’s name and fax number so we can fax a completion report to them, if you would like us to. We will provide a copy of your completion report to you on Sunday and fax a copy to the court on Monday morning. Break times are generally every hour and unlimited coffee available. Smoking is permitted in designated areas and you are permitted to bring electronic devices such as an iPod, cell phone, or laptop. During the program: No visitors are permitted. You will not be permitted to leave the hotel property. Alcohol, illegal drugs and firearms are prohibited on the premises. Prescription medications must be in their original prescription bottle. You will have a roommate so please bring pajamas for night time. Meals will be provided: breakfast, lunch, and dinner so please notify CAN of any dietary restrictions. You can bring snacks and beverages as there are refrigerators and microwaves in the rooms. All drinks must be in sealed containers unopened. Vending machines are available and you may want to eat before arrival as we do not provide a Thursday evening meal.